What is the commission fee percentage at the Uniregistry Market for BIN sales?

Logan Flatt’s recent sale of the domain ABCapital.com via the Uniregistry Market generated a lot of interest and responses.

Logan has been testing the Buy It Now approach for a while, with excellent results.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the fees Uniregistry Market charges for utilizing the BIN option.

Fortunately, we dug into the Uniregistry Market FAQ and located the answer for you. 😀

The commission fee percentage at the Uniregistry Market, when a sale occurs via a BIN form, is 10% regardless of payment method or brokering status.

Ten percent isn’t bad, considering the transaction occurs on a reputable domain marketplace, and domains are moved between Uniregistry accounts. Payment can be made out via wire, or credited to one’s Uniregistry account for future use, or withdrawal.

For the doubting Thomases, Logan Flatt sent us the email from Uniregistry confirming his earnings for the exchange, per below:

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