#Uniregistry landers : Making a #domain offer now has an extra checkbox

The Uniregistry Market is a popular destination for domain investors, and the former Domain Name Sales landers provide an intuitive platform to buy and sell domain names.

There have been plenty of updates and improvements, since the public launch of DNS in 2012 and that of the Uniregistry Market in 2015.

Communicating with the owner of a domain parked at Frank Schilling’s company is achieved via forms; there is now one extra box to check! 😀

No worries: it’s there for legal reasons.

When providing contact information and an offer, the potential buyer has to agree to the Uniregistry Privacy Policy, as seen below:

Such an addition is most likely related to the infamous GDPR policies and regulations, and contains language related to personal data removal requests.

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Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang; this, however, is not an advertisement or endorsement .

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