Both Booth Bros moved to new Twitter accounts!

Domain investors and brothers, Andy Booth and James Booth, are known collectively as the Booth Bros.

The busy brothers might be doing business separately, but they do seem to sync here and there.

For example, they announced the acquisition of new Twitter accounts one day apart.

Yesterday, James Booth moved to the premium Twitter account @domain that was created in 2007. That’s 2 years older than our @DomainGang account from 2009!

Said James:

Happy to announce my new Twitter handle @domain – Please can everyone follow my new account 🙂

Indeed, an awesome Twitter account!

Meanwhile, Andy Booth moved to an even shorter, premium, and generic account, @360. Gasp!

That’s right, a Twitter account with a three digit number, only 1,000 of which are available. Some are suspended, like @999 for example.

While the trading of Twitter accounts for money is not allowed, such acquisitions do happen. We can only speculate on the cost involved to acquire @domain and @360 from their previous owners, and it’s probably in the five figures a piece.

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