CentralNic raises prices to three LL second level domains

CentralNic, operators of a large number of LL .com domains that provide second level domain registrations, is increasing its prices.

According to an announcement, ZA.COM, .SA.COM and .RU.COM are introducing a price increase that will come into effect after 90 days.

As a result, the standard cost for registrations, renewals and transfers for .ZA.COM and .SA.COM will be $149 dollars and .RU.COM will increase to $59 dollars.

That’s January 1, 2023 that these price increases will take effect.

Just how many such second level domains exist?

A search on Google returns 2.79 million results for “.ru.com” for example, however that number does not reflect the number of domains in the results, that are just 394.

Similar searches may reflect the current number of registered domain names in the .sa.com and .za.com TLDs.

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