Crypto crime : Ethereum phishing scams on the rise

Ethereum has gained popularity among the cryptocurrencies, and phishing scams using fake domains are on the rise.

Cybercriminals target Ethereum users with a variety of schemes, mostly phishing emails that ask them to disclose information to ensure their wallet is up to date.

Many of these emails look convincing, and plenty are successful. The financial loss of Ethereum was minimal in the early days, but now the cryptocurrency’s trading value exceeds $335 dollars according to

With all this in mind, an Ethereum scam database helps keep track of ongoing schemes, across a variety of domain names.

Operating from, the open-source database maintains updates about each Ethereum phishing campaign’s status and related domains.

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2 Responses to “Crypto crime : Ethereum phishing scams on the rise”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    I still haven’t been able to bring myself to jump into the crypto craze. Hands full enough with domain investments/developments I guess. It sure is sad though how so many many people dedicate time to scams when they could simply apply the same (or less) time to doing legitimate work for a living. If all the scammers dedicated a few hours a day to learn a new (Legal) skill set, it could change the world for the better. So sad.

  2. Logan says:

    Hmm, I wonder who owns

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