#Domain crap : Verisign to share data about really bad .com registrations

Verisign announced that it will be publishing a live stream of .com data, showing the bad domain choices registrants make.

The RSS feed will be titled “It might be a .com but it’s definitely crap” and will display the domain, the timestamp of the registration, and the first name of the registrant along with better options.

The domainshaming feed attempts to improve the quality of .com domain registrations, additionally in hopes of rejuvenating the domain aftermarket.

“We’re taking this approach with a bit of humor and a lot of goodwill,” said VP of Dot Com Propaganda, Verry Saign.

“Once word of mouth is out about the kind of crap domains people register, they will think twice before pressing the submit button. We are here as domain consultants and expert advisors, and we’ll teach you how to choose really good .com domains,” added Verry Saign.

Millions of domain crap is registered annually, and many are not worth the digital space they occupy at the Registry. By showing live registration data, Verisign will hopefully improve people’s domain choices.

Domain crap – Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

News of the upcoming RSS feed from Verisign was received with mixed responses:

“I’d love to see what junk .com domains desperate people register,” said gTLD Registry founder, Paul S. “We are going to have a big laugh!” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, domain investor Drew R. said:

“If it’s not .com it’s crap. Forgetaboutit. I’ve been saying it all along, quality domains sell themselves. If you register crap, it’s a hobby. Have fun wasting your money. Meanwhile, everything that I sell is off the market forever.”

To view the Verisign RSS feed of live domain registrations, go to Verisign dot .live and wait until the feed refreshes.

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