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Domain sales: EE.com, EEE.com moved to #China, IS.com to Israel

LL .com domains are popular in China.

Who said the Chinese don’t like short domains with vowels?

Chinese domain investors have acquired the premium domain names EE.com and EEE.com.

Registered in 1994 and 1997 respectively, the two short domains were brokered by 62.com.

Liu Xiaosheng, founder of 62.com, mentioned the two sales on Twitter:

A transition of top level domain ee.com have been completed by 62.com, another premium domain eee.com have been sold as well. Good job my team !

Referencing the sale, domain investor, George Kirikos, announced the current percentage of two letter .com domains currently in Chinese hands:

By my count, registrants from China now own 216 of the 676 2-letter dot-com domains (32.0%). USA ownership declines to 302 (44.7%).

Kirikos also unveiled the sale of the premium two letter .com domain, IS.com, to an Israeli corporation, ironSource. The company acquired a rare, two letter word .com, registered in 1992.

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