#Domaining .com down, or is it just me?

Domaining.com, the popular domain news aggregator, is down. For the past several hours, no response comes from the server, that is hosted with Canadian provider, Peer1.

The same issue exists with other projects by Francois Carrillo, the French domain entrepreneur who founded Domaining.com more than a decade ago.

Such projects that are also down include Lend.me, Catchy.com, Split.com and Cax.com.

To confirm its downtime, we queried IsUp.Me.

For now, and until Domaining.com becomes accessible again, check out NameBee.com for the latest domain blog news. NameBee is operated by NameBright, sister company of DropCatch and owned by HugeDomains.

The Domaining .com server appears to be down. Picture is not that of the server.

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