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Exotic cars in Ibiza : Can you guess the domain?


Branding is not just about domains, and a car rental company of “exotic cars” in Ibiza, Spain demonstrates that.

In the Western way of reading and writing, there is a left to right flow; and yet, the sign below does not seem to observe that.

Is the company’s web site ExoticCarsIbiza.com ?

That’s what we guessed, first, but nothing came up.

Thinking that maybe the “cars” part is implied, we tried ExoticIbiza.com. That domain resolves but produces a 404 error.

We turned to Google, and finally we identified the domain: ExoticIbizaCars.com

It’s a nice domain, but whoever put the sign together needs to put the sangria bottle down.

Hat tip: Tommy Butler, on location in Ibiza.

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One Response to “Exotic cars in Ibiza : Can you guess the domain?”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    If they had Steve Jobs’ attention to detail to typepgraphy they wouldn’t have this problem.

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