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#Fatbergs .com : Disgusting #domain, now available via Sedo!


Fatbergs are clusters of fat and non-organic materials, forming after being flushed down the drain, toilet and other sewer systems.

In large metropolitan areas like New York, millions of people that carelessly dispose of cooking oil, fats and other materials contribute to the creation of fatbergs.

The cities can spend billions of dollars maintaining and unclogging their sewers from fatbergs, but the battle is uneven. Fatbergs is a portmanteau of fat icebergs.

Fatbergs.com is a domain for sale at Sedo. It was registered two years ago, and it seems its owner wants close to $30,000 dollars for it.

If you want to learn more about fatbergs, visit the official government page of NYC for fatbergs.

Kudos: Dale G.

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One Response to “#Fatbergs .com : Disgusting #domain, now available via Sedo!”
  1. Don W. says:

    That is disgusting. There were some unmentionables on that NYC link.

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