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Filthy Domain Squatter!


Rick Schwartz acquired Cybersquatter.com as a “trophy” domain on Flippa, and the domain is being used as a forward to the Hall of Shame Reverse Domain Name Hijacking repository.

Let’s face it – the term “cybersquatter” is antiquated; when it was coined, Al Gore had just invented the Internet, and Bill Clinton was using a cigar as an intern probe at the White House.

Ho hum. πŸ˜€

Which reminds us: How about being a filthy domain squatter?


Filthy Domain Squatter .com.

With that title in mind, the domain FilthyDomainSquatter.com is up for sale by its ingenious registrant, who wants $127,000 dollars for it.

Good luck with that, buddy! πŸ™‚

Think of all the great things you could do with such a domain! Ok, think harder. HARDER!

Still trying?

Ok then, visit FilthyDomainSquatter.com and maybe you can ask them to lower the price.

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