#Foveros .com : New #Intel chip architecture arrives without the matching #domain

Intel celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and a new chip architecture called Foveros was revealed yesterday.

Foveros, which means “fearsome” in Greek, involves the 3D stacking of chip components such as the CPU, graphics processing unit and on-chip memory to create more powerful computers.

The most important benefit from Intel’s Foveros 3D architecture, is its ability to overcome the limitations of creating an entire chip at small scale, currently at 10 nanometers. The Foveros approach is still experimental but seems to be very promising.

But what about domain names for the Foveros architecture and brand?

Surprisingly, Intel has not secured the domain name Foveros.com, which is offered for sale at a cost of $3,195 dollars. As “foveros” is a Greek word, the domain was registered in 2008 and dropped several times since; the current registration is from 2017. We could only find one other “foveros” domain, FoverosMining.com, owned by a Greek mining company in Zambia.

Along with the Foveros term, Intel introduces “chiplets” – a buzzword that describes the individual components of its Foveros architecture. Again, Intel has not secured Chiplets.com, another domain currently for sale at $699 dollars, that was registered in 2010.

There are no pending trademark registrations for Foveros at this time at the USPTO, but Intel’s announcement of the Foveros architecture establishes “first use,” for when the company files its application.

Intel introduced the Foveros architecture without the matching .com

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