GoDaddy brokerage fee: Have they gone bananas?

A while ago, GoDaddy changed its brokerage fee to acquire domains not for sale on their network.

The price went up—what else—from $69.99 dollars to $119.99 dollars. That’s almost $120 bucks just to attempt to get through to a domain owner in order to inquire whether they are willing to sell a domain! There is no guarantee a registrant would respond, let alone be willing to sell.

This pricing increase was so out of touch we just had to present a parody article. That being said, there is evidence GoDaddy is falling back to its original pricing.

Take for example what happens when the domain is looked up:

But don’t get too excited.

The image above is from a Chrome connection with no prior interaction with GoDaddy and thus no cookies from

Here’s what happens on Firefox that we regularly use to log in and out of GoDaddy services and actively look up domains with:

Sneaky GoDaddy! Or should we say, domo arigato Yasuhiro Yakamoto?

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