#GoDaddy: Ready to transfer all .TV #domains on higher ground

Dot .TV domains

GoDaddy is about to provide a secure, and most importantly dry home base to .TV domains.

Thousands of years of climate change have somehow been compressed into a couple of decades or so during which waters will rise. Tuvalu will lose its solid ground unless action is taken immediately. The expiration of the .TV contract by Verisign is a blessing.

By taking over the .TV registry from Verisign, GoDaddy is prepared to transfer all .TV domains to Arizona, where the dry climate will protect them.

“We saw the plead of Tuvalu’s minister of defense, and it’d be devastating if GoDaddy didn’t do anything about it,” said Mark Smith, climate security operations manager for GoDaddy.

“These .TV folks are struggling, ankle-deep in the warm waters of Tuvalu, endangering themselves and .TV domains and their owners. GoDaddy will provide a dry base here in Tempe. The desert is our friend and we offer some beautiful vistas, dot .TV will love it here,” added Mark Smith.

GoDaddy already operates Colombia’s .CO Registry and has plans to expand to other countries around the globe.

If you have .TV domains they should be safe for the next 120 years or so, or at least until an asteroid wipes out all life on earth.

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