#GoDaddy tells owner of tlumaczpolski .com to spend $69 bucks to reclaim it

“Domain theft!”

These words came from the former owner of tlumaczpolski.com – a domain he thought it was renewed at GoDaddy.

A year ago, the distraught professional renewed his domain at GoDaddy, along with another year of web hosting.

Having set automatic renewal on, this year’s notification of payment for auto-renewing the GoDaddy products in his account, made him believe that his domain would automatically renew as well.

This, however, was not the case.

GoDaddy did not renew the domain, that expired and was caught at the GoDaddy auctions. Now, it’s in the hands of another registrant, who probably paid as little as $12 dollars to get it.

Said the former owner:

So I thought that my domain will renew automatically as it was previous.

By the way 07/12/2018 Godaddy charged my card for 250$ and I didn’t panic about renew y domain.

But 08/17/2018 – yesterday – my website was blocked. The reason – I hadn’t rights for my domain!

The Godaddy support wrote that it is my fail, that I must check all renewals, but I pay money they do it! I didn’t receive any warning emails about domain expire, only receipt about successful payment for for Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel Renewal tlumaczpolski.com

GoDaddy support apparently told the former owner they have an option of spending $69 dollars for their domain acquisition service.

For the full exchange, click here.

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