Hakkasan Las Vegas : Photos from the Uniregistry party at NamesCon

Hakkasan baby.

Frank Schilling and Uniregistry threw in a massive party at Hakkasan last night, that will be the stuff of legends for years to come.

Hakkasan was jam packed with domainers, in an exclusive party; the place was jumping with insane entertainment, lasers and decibels off the chart.

Yet another benefit of having NamesCon in the heart of Las Vegas!

Dancing and drinks were abundant and most likely no domains were talked about. 😀

The Uniregistry party at the Hakkasan lasted until 1am and without further ado here are some photos.

hakkasan8 hakkasan1 hakkasan2 hakkasan3 hakkasan4 hakkasan5 hakkasan6 hakkasan7

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