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HugeDomains special : GoatDaddy.com domain is for sale

HugeDomains owns more than 3 million domains, and one of them is GoatDaddy.com.

The unlikely typo of “GoDaddy” was first registered in 2001, according to the DomainTools historic WHOIS, but it dropped and was re-registered several times since.

Remarkably, GoatDaddy.com was an imaginary domain for one of the early posts on DomainGang (2009,) titled “Amir Sah Abdalla: From rags to riches in domaining.

That story revolved around a Pakistani goat herdsman who found success in domain investments.

HugeDomains wants $2,395 dollars for GoatDaddy.com, and they might have to wait for the right goat-lover to walk in.

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One Response to “HugeDomains special : GoatDaddy.com domain is for sale”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    My butler informs me that Goat.Domains is available

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