James Booth: Fresh domain acquisitions spanning .com, .ai and more

James Booth, celebrating the sale of 380.com.

Domain investor and broker, James Booth, openly shares his successful sales, brokered deals, and domain acquisitions.

Most of the time, we share news of James’ fresh domain sales. This time, a fresh announcement by James via Twitter noted the following domains that were acquired:

  • ELN.com
  • AUP.com
  • BetK.com
  • Spender.com
  • Cerebrum.ai
  • Genesis.ai
  • Jupiter.ai
  • Isla.ai
  • Pluto.vc

As we can see, James Booth works well with .com domains, LLL .com’s in particular; James is also quite partial to .ai domains that he can flip for multiples of the original acquisition price.

It’s the same strategy that savvy domain investors should employ across the board, regardless of the TLD.

From the particular acquisitions, we are seeing a pattern with celestial objects and planets. Did James own Uranus, as well as Jupiter we aren’t sure.

Congratulations, James! Time for us to share your favorite photo! 🙂

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