KAU.com finally got paid; #domain buyer is from Europe

At long last, the auction for KAU.com has been paid for after two rounds that dropped the price from $100,350 dollars to $33,333 dollars!

That’s great news for DropCatch, that “lost” 66% of its projected revenue for this domain. The new registrant of KAU.com is hiding behind WHOIS privacy but there are some clues left along the way.

So who owns the KAU.com domain?

The domain resolves with a SSL certificate that is issued for variations of the domain theeuropeanlibrary.org.

With a locale in Bulgaria, that domain’s WHOIS appears as “GW SOLUTIONS LTD. ”

It’s a “software company based in Bulgaria, GW Solutions has specialized in payment automation software development,” according to Sortcodes.co.uk.

The web site displayed at KAU.com currently – once past the SSL warnings – displays a number of European libraries. The content is currently not interactive and it’s pulled directly from theeuropeanlibrary.org web site.

An interesting note: theeuropeanlibrary.org also dropped in August and was caught by DropCatch. This indicates that the current operators attempt to pass off as the original European Library, that can be found at Europeana.

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