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#Kodak Pharmaceuticals .com : #KODK trading and #domain names

Kodak stock (KODK) is trading in crazy numbers, after yesterday’s announcement of a $765 million dollar loan by the US government to create pharmaceuticals.

The announcement triggered a spike in stock valuation, and Kodak investors should be happy.

However, the announcement was not a recent decision by Kodak to position itself as Kodak Pharmaceuticals.

It’s evident, from the registration of the following domain names 20 days ago, that it was a move that was discussed for several weeks prior.

  • KodakPharmaceutical.com
  • KodakPharmaceuticals.com
  • KodakPharmaceuticals.net
  • KodakPharmaceuticals.org

All four domains were registered to Kodak on July 9, 2020. None of them currently resolves. Another domain, KodakPharma.com, was registered by some idiot cybersquatter yesterday; KODAK is a famous trademark.

Kodak stock jumped the day before the announcement, so could it be that someone had insider information on the new focus of Kodak as a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals to fight Covid-19?

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