Lady Campbell: has nothing to do with the county

A member of Britain’s elite, Lady Colin Campbell, is not happy with the acquisition of the domain name by the Duke & the Duchess of Sussex.

A resident of Goring, West Sussex, Lady Campbell accuses the ex-royals of hijacking the county’s official name, saying that has nothing to do with the county.

Making an odd statement, Lady Campbell has acquired alternate domain names such as and – a domain registered by Lady Campbell

A message on the web site states:

“Lady Colin Campbell has therefore acquired the domain name and is prepared to hand it over to the Sussexes as long as they undertake to cease and desist from using, which is not only an imposition to the people of Sussex but is also an impertinence, in that their website has nothing to do with the county, but the domain name gives the misleading impression that it does.”

She pledged to give these to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle if they stopped using

Apparently, Lady Campbell has no idea how domain names work. For example, can be acquired for $19,999 dollars via NameFind’s inventory of GoDaddy-owned domain names. was registered in 1995 by British entrepreneur, Neil Agate, who used it for his business, Sussex Systems; Agate sold the domain via a domain broker for an undisclosed sum to the ex-royals.

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2 Responses to “Lady Campbell: has nothing to do with the county”
  1. is now a global brand because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex acquired and not

    That was the smartest and best acquisition.

    Their official website now forwards to

  2. DomainGang says:

    Michael – Tell that to Lady Campbell! 🙂 She registered but not

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