Mike Mann is ready for Domain Battles!

Domain investor, Mike Mann, likes to refer to himself as the “king” – the internet pioneer and entrepreneur is known for taking on his opponents during investment battles.

A recent post by Elliot of DomainInvesting could have hit a nerve with many domain investors, what with Elliot sharing his competitive attitude among domainer friends even.

Elliot referred to domaining as an exhilarating activity:

When I prevail in a competitive auction for a domain name it feels great. When I am successful in buying a domain name in private, it also feels great.

But what if Elliot had to face Mike Mann in a series of domain battles?

Mike is ready, it seems, as he has listed the domain name DomainBattles.com for sale on DAN. Seeking a trademark $14,888 dollars for the domain, Mike Mann is not willing to lose this battle of inventive pricing!

Perhaps Elliot could negotiate an acquisition of DomainBattles.com and list his numerous conquests there! 😀

Mike Mann is ready for domain battles as he owns DomainBattles.com

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One Response to “Mike Mann is ready for Domain Battles!”
  1. BullS says:

    Did he get monkeypox ? or domainPOX

    too many rashes on his skin

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