#Moderna vaccine : When will the #mRNA company acquire the corporate brand .COM?

Moderna means “modern” in Spanish, but it’s also the corporate brand of Moderna, a pharmaceutical company and mRNA vaccine researcher & designer.

With the Covid-19 pandemic at a critical stage in the US, the American company’s vaccine appears to be one step before approval by the FDA.

Disclosure: We currently hold a position in Moderna’s stock, MRNA. Our opinion on the company’s assets is not a solicitation to invest.

Formerly known as ModeRNA Therapeutics, Moderna operates from the domain name Modernatx.com however – not the expected Moderna.com. That might change in the coming months, as the company’s stock price gives it a current market capitalization of $56.3 billion dollars.

In other words, how much would it take to acquire the domain name Moderna.com from its current registrant? Five or six figures? Using the proper domain brokerage channels, it might be a nice windfall for the domain’s owner.

Meanwhile, someone is squatting on the domain ModernaVaccine.com, offering it for sale at GoDaddy.

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