More symbolics: Aron Meystedt acquires

Aron Meystedt owns

Aron Meystedt acquired

Aron Meystedt already owns the oldest .com domain,

This does not mean he sits on his domain laurels, and over the years he acquired several generic domains and short acronyms.

His is used as a Dallas based investment company, and it seems that Aron just acquired another two letter gem,

According to Canadian domain investor George Kirikos, the domain is in the hands of Aron Meystedt, officially since August 29th, something that DomainTools confirms.

We aren’t sure about the price, but it’s expected to be in the high six figures USD.

Congratulations to Aron Meystedt for the new domain acquisition of a truly premium – and valuable – two letter .com domain,!

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