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Neustar : Encouraging women to succeed in ICT

Girls in ICT Day.

Girls in ICT Day.

Information and computer technologies (ICT) is a field where women from around the world are encouraged to have a career in.

Today, April 28, is International Girls in ICT day; a global initiative designed to encourage more girls and young women to pursue education and careers in information and computer technologies.

It’s one of many programs around the world aiming to increase diversity, especially of gender, in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

With that in mind, Neustar vice president, Lori Anne Wardi, announced how proud the company is about their very own group of women working in the STEM fields.

Neustar asked its people to provide statements of encouragement and inspiration, for all the young women looking to pursue a career in technology.

“Embrace your inner geek—you’ll be happier the moment you do.”
—Chief Privacy Officer

“I started out as an astronomer and toward the end of grad school, I knew I wanted to leave the field. Tech provided the perfect spot for me to use the hard-earned skills I learned in school, but in an entirely different application. ”
—Senior Data Scientist

“Find mentors and peers. Join organizations like Neustar’s own Women in Tech group or PyLadies, and meet other people who are going through the same career movements. And keep with it! It can be hard and isolating, but it’s a rewarding field, especially when you find the sweet spot of support and interesting problems.”
—Senior Data Scientist

For more encouraging statements, visit Neurstar’s latest post on ICT Day.

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