#Polish registrants form high percentage of .SKI #domains for some odd reason

Starting Dot, the Registry of dot .SKI domains, shared data for its Q1/2020 domain registrations last week.

Aimed at ski enthusiasts around the globe, domain registrations of .SKI domains are quite popular in Poland.

The Registry has no clue why this is happening, but numbers are staggering: More than 69.5% of all .SKI domain registrants are Polish.

“If I were to take a wild guess, I’d say that our ad campaign in Poland works well among the young, affluent population that loves to ski,” said Starting Dot campaign manager, Niklaus Popodowski.

“With lots of consumer cash to spend on gadgets arrives an interest in ski resorts and ski domains follow. Our Polish registrants are definitely special to us!” exclaimed Popodowski.

Millions of Polish are interested in .SKI domains, more so than their Swedish, Austrian, and German counterparts.

“We have ski love in Poland, and we have fun with beer and sausage, is simple,” explains Piotr Spandakoski, a Polish investor from Warsaw, adding: “If you like .SKI domain, is good. Easy remember .SKI in Poland – Dzień dobry!’

If you need more information about Polish investments in .SKI domains, head over to Nic.SKI and contact Mariusz Lebowski, general relations manager at dot .SKI.

Polish love .SKI domains

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