and : Which one is more valuable?

Pshiiit” is a verbal call for attention, and the matching domain sold for $1,300 dollars on DropCatch yesterday.

The auction involved a dropped domain that used to be a nail polish brand. Somehow, the domain remained unused for the past four years and no more videos were shared on the matching YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, SnapNames keeps sending out emails that begin with “Psst” – for example: “Psst… Sports & Fitness Domains are Waiting.”

Personally, we find the email subject uninspiring, they might as well use “Hey bro!” instead, or a wolf whistle.

It seems that is an actual developed web site, and not one in the hands of a “squatter” per the founder’s argument.

According to the web site:

“PSST was founded in 1990 with a vision for improving efficiencies for K-12 and business administrators with integration and compliance solutions.”

In that sense, is more valuable than, but equally confusing as a brand.

Call to action – buy my domains – Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash

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