: Bitcoin inventor’s first name now a MediaX asset, the matching first name of Bitcoin inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, has changed hands in a cryptocurrency industry acquisition.

Domain investor and MediaX founder, Andy Booth, shared news about the arrival of the domain publicly on Twitter:

I have always believed that first name .coms make for killer brands. Given the evolution of the world and finance, this one hits the nail. has arrived.

Satoshi is a popular name in Japan; we know at least one veteran domain investor, Satoshi Shimoshita, with that first name. 😀

Registered in 2001, appears to have been sold by UK based registrant, David Rowe.

The name Satoshi is associated with the BTC denomination: Each Bitcoin is made out of 100 million Satoshi units.

Congratulations to MediaX for this stupendous acquisition of a top-notch cryptocurrency domain!

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One Response to “ : Bitcoin inventor’s first name now a MediaX asset”
  1. BullS says:

    Bitcoin inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto,………..that what they said…..please share proof that he or she is the inventor.

    Who are they?

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