#Sedo : Domain sales report | May 7, 2024 — Lumeno.com sold for $25,000 dollars

Sedo domain sales report: Top sale is that of Lumeno.com that was sold for $25,000 dollars.

Welcome to the latest domain sales report by Sedo; this time we cover the week ending on May 7, 2024. This information has been provided by Sedo.com, kind sponsors of DomainGang.

The Sedo marketplace sells great domains 24/7 providing a great service.

This report contains 3 domain sold at five figures, as seen below – dot .com only:

lumeno.com 25000 USD
u33.com 17700 USD
aisq.com 10000 USD

Sales prices are listed in USD and also in EUR or GBP, but are converted in USD for ranking purposes.

Further down the list, some solid sales of .com domain names, for amounts between $2,000 dollars and $9,999 dollars:

alltake.com 9900 USD
mathlessons.com 8000 USD
reellife.com 6999 EUR
lumite.com 6900 USD
my777.com 6000 USD
nomoapp.com 6000 USD
raedy.com 5988 USD
getqualified.com 5500 USD
51t.com 5000 USD
matej.com 5000 USD
romancegames.com 4999 USD
onecome.com 4500 USD
mf7.com 4000 EUR
demolishit.com 3888 USD
ai-robot.com 3650 USD
easylunches.com 3500 EUR
azpost.com 3000 USD
itdirekt.com 3000 USD
westsiders.com 2899 USD
rfccorp.com 2795 USD
funkyfood.com 2500 USD

This week’s Sedo sales report continues with reported ccTLD sales, with all domains sold in the four figure range:

svv.de 9999 EUR
inspired.ch 8459 EUR
chiavi.it 6500 EUR
challen.ge 6000 USD
smartdock.de 5995 EUR
smartsecurity.de 5000 EUR
chatbot.fr 4500 EUR
axiom.fi 4488 USD
chiave.it 3500 EUR
kindercoach.de 3500 EUR
realestate-consulting.de 3215 EUR
3drucker.de 2750 EUR
fahrrad365.de 2750 EUR
saucenshop.de 2750 EUR
1com.de 2750 EUR
beyonddigital.de 2700 EUR
kryptoapp.de 2573 EUR
chamonix.it 2300 EUR
kifferherz.de 2000 EUR
easyversicherung.de 2000 EUR

Lastly, this week’s domain sales report from Sedo provides sales of other types of TLDs, with all domains sold in the four figure range.

eclipse.solar 7500 USD
infrastructure.info 3999 USD
aethos.org 2995 USD
urology.org 2050 USD
fru.net 2000 EUR

This concludes this week’s domain sales report from our kind sponsor, Sedo.com.

Statement from Sedo: This public report does not include confidential sales many of which exceed the values of our publicly reported sales. Also, only public sales of 2,000 USD and up are included in this report.

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