Seven with Sedo: Two-letter #domain auction is now live!

Sedo is currently holding a week-long auction of two-letter (LL) domain names. The auction runs from January 20th to the 27th and it involves almost 400 two-letter domains!

Note: Sedo is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

Why are two-letter domain names valuable?

According to Sedo, domain names consisting of two letters are highly memorable due to the keyword’s brevity:

Anyone can memorize a two-letter combination, regardless of the top level domain (TLD) that it’s associated with. Tagging on the TLD to the domain creates a brand that is memorable, short, and can become associated with a wide range of products and services, or as a corporate name.

We picked 7 domain names from the auction listings, without any influence by Sedo or the domain name owners. This is simply our personal selection for this “Seven with Sedo” article:

  • – A stellar two-letter .com domain priced to sell in the seven figure range, registered in 1995. “CU” at the auction! 😀
  • – Rare duplicate letter .org domain, registered in 1998. The reserve stands at $10,000 dollars, a remarkable price.
  • – With a reserve of $25,000 dollars, this costs less than 10% of a taxi cab medallion license in NYC!
  • – Great computer tech servicing brand, with a reserve set at $100 dollars. You can’t buy a PC part for that price!
  • – Rare palindrome domain, one of the shortest domains in the ccTLD aftermarket (4 digits, TLD included.) Reserve in the $5,000 dollar range.
  • – Costa Ricans are proud to be called Ticos and this is the shortest road to the brand! Reserve set at $10,000 dollars.
  • – This two-letter .com domain registered in 1994 can easily represent Vietnam, a large internet and tech hub in Asia. Reserve reaches $2 million dollars.

View the full list of two-letter domains currently at the Sedo auction.

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