The future : Hyperlocal domain conferences?

Not everyone attends a domain conference.

Are super large domain conferences enough?

Domain conferences held at a local or hyperlocal level are gaining some serious traction in recent months.

Jason Thompson is organizing the Southern California Domainers meetup with great success, and the August gathering is scheduled for tomorrow. The .XYZ Registry is hosting it, and Daniel Negari promised it will serve the best fish tacos on the West Coast. Sadly, we cannot make it across the US at this time.

Meanwhile, Dave of TNTNames, is seeking to gather the Oklahoma domainer folks for a new local meetup – the Midwestern Domainers Meetup. Things are being planned as we speak.

Let’s not forget the South Florida Domain Pros, that launched in May 2014, when founding members Scott Ross and Victor Pitts hosted the event. Even Rick Schwartz was there!

Last, but no means least: Richard Lau is having a hyperlocal gathering of Canadian domainers, for the Domainfest Meetup – powered by in Vancouver, eh. There are 15 more spots available for a total of 60 attendees, and it’s taking place on September 8th. If you’re in Vancouver, that’s right before Canadian winter arrives.

All these local domain events indicate the renewed interest of domain investors and associated professionals for local domainer gatherings, that supplement the large, national or international domain events.

In the future, we would not be surprised if local domainer chapters gathered together every Sunday, to pay homage to the Domain Church of Father Domainicus!

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