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Tide Pod Challenge : Matching .com #domain attempts to mine #crypto

Teenagers doing the “Tide Pod Challenge” – a dangerous game of chewing on a detergent gel – can end up in the hospital, or even die.

Whoever devised this “challenge” is counting on today’s youth culture, that is obsessed with posting Snapchat videos under peer pressure.

Chewing on a detergent pod can be lethal, and such videos are now being banned and removed from YouTube.

Naturally, some enterprising individual registered the exact match domain, TidePodChallenge.com, but before you head there keep in mind that it delivers its own dangerous scumware, Coinhive.

The latter, is javascript that uses your browser’s session to utilize the computing power of your device, mining the Monero cryptocurrency. In other words, you allow others to make money off your CPU cycles, by visiting their web site.

On Firefox, coupled with a pop-blocker, there is a warning that seeks permission in order to run Coinhive. We aren’t sure if that option exists in other configurations and browsers.

TidePodChallenge.com is using the Cloudflare DNS servers to hide the location of its hosting provider.

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