UK : Dropping home prices affecting premium real estate domains was unsuccessfully auctioned off on Sedo. was unsuccessfully auctioned off on Sedo.

The British real estate market, and housing in particular, experienced a slump earlier this year.

Although the market is showing signs of a rebound, the temporary loss of its strength appears to be affecting virtual real estate as well.

Selling Up, an independent guide on how to sell your property in the UK, recently posted an article about the premium domain

The domain was acquired for approximately £40,000 several years ago, but its owners are now entertaining offers of as low as £3,000.

The Selling Up article demonstrates this by sharing information on a recent auction for the domain on Sedo.

At the time, the reserve was considerably higher than the current asking price, and the domain did not sell.

For more details on this, read the Selling Up article on and its availability.

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