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UK’s #Nominet refers to “The Register” publication as “fake news”

The Register, a UK based, tech industry publication that has been around well before many British domainers wore diapers, was tagged as “fake news” by Nominet’s CEO.

In an article titled “The Trouble with Fake News,” Nominet’s Russell Haworth delivers a response to an article covering the British Nominet’s current activities as the official source of .UK domain names.

Said Russell Haworth:

“Unfortunately, we’ve found it necessary to set the record straight on a Register article with some blatant inaccuracies about Nominet, our operations and our plans for releasing previously reserved second level domains. The article contains basic factual errors and assertions that are simply not credible.”

The Nominet article continues, in an attempt to set the record straight on behalf of the British corporation:

“The article asserts the system was a closed shop, open only to the chosen few. This is nonsense. It was open to ALL registrars, regardless of size or business model. Over 800 – of all shapes and sizes – have signed up to participate. They need to use our main EPP system; we acknowledge this a challenge for some but the code to do so is publicly available.”

The Register’s contributing editor extraordinaire, Kieren McCarthy, referred to Russell Haworth’s response as Trump-worthy:

Nominet goes full Trump. Tells you all you need to know”

Earlier, another tweet by The Register’s editor-in-chief spelled it out in more detail:

A Nominet Board member with a clear and significant conflict of interest points to a closed forum for a statement that basically says they won’t make any changes to a system that will directly benefit his company to the tune of millions

The Register’s article can be viewed here, and the response by Nominet can be perused in full here so read them both for an educated decision on what the heck is going on.

Oh dear. Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

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