Voodoo.com: Domain not active but PPC landers making money still!

Voodoo, operating from the domain name Voodoo.com, was a thriving PPC provider.

The company fell off the face of the earth during the pandemic years, with rumors circulating about the health status of its founder.

Regardless of personal issues, Voodoo.com displays no content and all access to PPC accounts has been disabled. In fact, Rick Schwartz is among many Voodoo users that were not paid the balance which had accrued in their account, when all access was discontinued.

But that’s not the end of Voodoo, apparently, as the domain keeps getting renewed annually.

Not only does Voodoo.com resolve, albeit without any meaningful content, but it provides DNS support to more than 16,600 domain names!

According to DomainTools, 16,683 domains use the nameservers ns1.voodoo.com and ns2.voodoo.com.

Many of these domains carry “This domain may be for sale” links on their primary banner, that links to secure.voodoo.com. That SSL certificate has expired since July 18, 2022:

Even when discounting the warning and continuing to the insecure page, the result is an empty paged that once featured a contact form.

But that’s not all: Domains parked with ads at Voodoo presumably generate income for the PPC provider:

We hope that Donny Simonton is doing well but things don’t look very peachy for Voodoo.com at this time.

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One Response to “Voodoo.com: Domain not active but PPC landers making money still!”
  1. BullS says:

    mind boggling
    a good parking company and nobody really knows where he is… unbelievable
    is this a one man show operation?
    if he is alive then he is either very sick
    or in jail
    or. he is Dead

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