YiLongMusk.com: Registrant of Elon Musk’s “doppelganger” wants 6 figures for #domain!

Elon Musk is an icon among many, and even moreso in China; dozens of companies use the “Elon Musk” name in brands that are not authorized by the Tesla founder and Time magazine’s man of the year for 2021.

A video made the rounds recently, supposedly showing a Chinese man that looks like Elon Musk.Very quickly, the doppleganger was named Yi Long Musk and the name and video turned viral.

Yi Long Musk – Chinese doppelganger of Elon Musk

Alas, the alleged doppelganger of Elon Musk is not real but just a short deepfake video. That didn’t stop someone from registering the matching domain, YiLongMusk.com and putting it on Sedo.

The asking price? $150,000 dollars.

With that much money, one can get 3 Tesla cars so good luck with the sale.

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One Response to “YiLongMusk.com: Registrant of Elon Musk’s “doppelganger” wants 6 figures for #domain!”
  1. BullS says:

    Mr. Elon Musk is my real sugar daddy!!

    I bought 50shares of Tesla stock years ago, went as high as $4500 and spilt 5 times…..
    Just one stock can change one’s life!!
    Hopefully will be a Tesla-aire soon.
    Just focus on good quality stocks like Costco, Amazon, Microsoft, HomeDepot- all gone up 300%

    No need to waste your time with useless worthless scam NFT arts/apes shit.

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