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Dot .inc chose to demean #domain investors by calling them “cybersquatters”

Today we received a press release from NameCheap, informing us of their relationship with the dot .inc Registry.

Every domain Registry faces an uphill battle of its own, against a large number of other available options, including the almighty dot .com.

We support all gTLDs and TLDs, even the most obscure and laughable ones (think dot .monster.)

What we do not support is a TLD such as dot .inc, that chose to base its launch and marketing campaign on a ridiculous angle, that insults the entire domain industry.

Domain investors are not cybersquatters. The $2000 dollar dot .inc is justifying its pricing model by spreading an outright lie.

While cybersquatting does exist, the practice of registering domain names that are generic or exact match / long tail versions of popular or invented phrases is a valid business model. It seems that articles that appear positive towards the $2000 dollar dot .inc domains, attempt to discredit domain investors who secured such assets at their own time and own budget. Source: TheDomains.

The dot .inc Registry needs to turn its ship around 180 degrees, with regards to their choice of marketing. The current approach is damaging their own brand and reputation among its peers – the other Registries.

Whether companies are willing to pay $2000 dollars every year to renew their dot .inc domains has nothing to do with the availability or not of better and cheaper options. What matters, is that the lie about cybersquatting is a blatant demonstration of false advertising.

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3 Responses to “Dot .inc chose to demean #domain investors by calling them “cybersquatters””
  1. Kevin Murphy says:

    Where did .inc or Namecheap say that investors were squatters? I’ve received press releases from both and I can’t find the connection.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kevin – You missed this then: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/03/27/1773783/0/en/inc-Launches-as-the-Domain-Ending-that-Means-Business.html

    Goodbye “Cybersquatting”

    Until now, domain scarcity forced businesses to compromise on web addresses or pay up to millions of dollars to private sellers for pre-owned domains. To prevent cybersquatting, .inc is available for a premium price accessible to businesses, rather than speculators. This allows businesses to save time and money by getting the .inc domain they want, when they want it – the goal being to avoid private sellers and pre-owned domains entirely.

  3. Tiro Mokoditoa says:

    You are entirely correct. I’m glad people are seeing through the dubious marketing pitch of the .inc Registry. I’ve been surprised at the amount of people and commentators who seem to have bought the .inc Registry’s sales pitch and price gorge justification hook line and sinker including the author of that Forbes opinion piece.

    All the .inc Registry is doing is justifying their exorbitant price-points and corporates seem to be falling for it. Just as you’ve mentioned, there’s cybersquatting and there’s domain investing. The bottom line is that some domain investors will still buy the expensive domains and there’ll be someone out there interested in those .inc domains. Because it came at a premium, all what this will do is just push up the secondary market prices very high because of risk and value of those domains.

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