Cyberthreats: #InterNetX publishes ebook on how to protect from cybercriminals

By 2025, damage due to cybercrime is projected to reach $10.5 trillion dollars per year. Victims of cybercriminals are not only multinational companies but also individuals, public and private organizations at all levels.

InterNetX, our kind sponsor, has published a new, 41-page ebook describing the 15 most common cyberattacks that explains how you can protect yourself and your organization against them.

Did you know:

  • Every second malware in emails has a .docx file attached.
  • Phishing attacks have increased by 667% in 2020.
  • 21% of DDoS attacks last longer than one hour.
  • Spear phishing attacks have become much more targeted and can address you personally.

Are you protecting yourself sufficiently?

Get the ebook from InterNetX here.

Cyberthreats – a new ebook from InterNetX

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