US Federal authorities seized fake #Walmart pharmacy domain

US Federal authorities have seized a fake Walmart pharmacy domain, that was used to steal people’s personal information, all while promoting for sale unapproved and experimental drugs to fight Covid-19.

The domain,, was hosted on Russian servers, and their support number was manned by people in India.

Registered in 2019 with a Russian registrar, the web site hosted on the domain displayed Walmart’s logo, pretending to be part of the web site. Before the pandemic, the web site promoted fake or copycat pills treating erectile dysfunction.

The domain, along with, was used to collect the personal information of individuals visiting the sites, in order to use the information for nefarious purposes, including fraud, phishing attacks, and/or deployment of malware.

According to the announcement:

“Neither domain name is authorized by Walmart to use their intellectual property or offer their products for sale. By seizing the sites, the government has prevented third parties from acquiring the names and using it to commit additional crimes, as well as prevented third parties from continuing to access the sites in their present form.”

More information here.

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