Generic #domains : applies for #trademark registration

Trending: Companies operating generic domains file for trademark registration at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO.)

Following the green light by SCOTUS on the case, numerous such applications have been filed, and we keep track of these attempts to expand on the trademark pool.

The registrants of the domain are looking to trademark the exact term with the TLD: LEVEL.COM.

The applicant is Level Benefits, Inc. and the mark was applied for the following services:

  • Magnetically encoded debit cards; magnetically encoded credit cards; encoded electronic chip cards containing programming used to in the field of work-related expenses and benefits; blank virtual encoded stored-value, namely, work-related benefits cards; downloadable software application for managing work-related expenses and benefits, locating medical, health and wellness providers, scheduling and managing appointments with providers, managing estimates for services, paying for services, and to facilitate the payment and processing of services, processing of insurance claims, and reimbursement for work-related expenses and benefits
  • Insurance brokerage services; insurance underwriting services; insurance agency services in the field of dental, vision, medical, mental, travel, accident, disability, and life insurance; issuing insurance cards which function like stored-value, debit or credit cards; electronic processing of insurance claims and payment data; financial administration of dental, vision, medical, mental, travel, accident, disability, and life reimbursement arrangements; financing of dental, vision, medical, mental, travel, accident, disability, and life care; Insurance claims processing in the field of dental, vision, medical, mental, travel, accident, disability, and life claims; insurance claim administration; Electronic processing of insurance and benefits claims and payment data; Payment processing services in the field of credit card, benefits, and insurance payments; pre-paid purchase card services, namely, processing electronic payments made through prepaid cards; Credit, virtual, debit and cash card payment processing services; Providing an online portal in the field of financial transaction and payment processing services; Providing cash, discounts and other rebates for credit, debit and benefits card use as part of a customer loyalty program
  • Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for use in the field of work-related expenses and benefits, health and wellness, insurance brokerage, insurance underwriting, insurance agency, insurance claims, payment processing, and payment and reimbursement management; Computer services, namely, providing on-line non-downloadable software to gather, analyze, and visualize data via an online dashboard

The trademark application has been filed with an “intent to use” clause. This is interesting, as the domain appears to have been sold sometime in 2018 for an undisclosed amount. was registered in 1998.

Level was formed in 2018 but apparently rolled out its public services a year later. In December 2018, Level raised an undisclosed amount / seed from First Round Capital and Homebrew.

It’s quite possible their original domain name was, matching an existing trademark application for LEVEL DENTAL that was filed in early 2018.

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