Take your shit with you : Hilarious #trademark on matching .com #domain

Dogs have to be walked, and going number two is part of the daily ritual. What’s not cool is when dog owners leave the dog’s crap wherever they defecated.

Domain owners with dogs know better: take your shit with you.

And now, this phrase TAKE YOUR SHIT WITH YOU is applied for as a trademark with the USPTO, for the following products:

Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal; Fixed non-metal dispensers for dog waste bags; Hand-operated, non-metal retractable reels for hanging signs, pictures and mobiles; Inflatable plastic signs; Magnetic printed vinyl signs; Nonmetal holders for signs; Printed vinyl signs; Wood substrates for use in making signs; Wood substrates, namely, composite panels, particleboard and fiberboard for use in manufacturing of signs

Definitely a memorable brand that comes with the matching .com domain: TakeYourShitWithYou.com.

Registered in June, the domain is parked for the time being. The trademark application was filed with an “intent to use” clause, which gives the applicants plenty of time to develop.

The downside: they are now stuck with the following image:

The mark consists of slogan Take Your Shit with You Color Red “Take Your” Color Brown “Shit” Color Green “with You” The Dog Character is Grey and white color The Dog’s hat and collar are Blue color The patch of Grass is Green color The apparatus the dog is holding is black color The Dog waste is Brown color website address below is in red color www.takeyourshitwithyou.com.

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