Domain Name Jargon : #Cryptodomainer

Drew Rosener – Cryptodomainer.

It’s been a while since our last entry in the Domain Name Jargon digital series, the highly acclaimed dictionary of domain terms, and other domain related trivia.

What is the goal that this open-ended series wants to achieve?

With Domain Name Jargon, we want to help domain investors understand the domain industry’s localized terminology, as we strive to help (re)define domaining – all without the need for wasting a ton of money on fancy books and expensive manuals.

Here is today’s Domain Name Jargon entry:

Cryptodomainer: The next evolutionary step up of domain name investors, a species able to utilize the benefits and intricacies of blockchain technology, and its numerous proven applications with domain names.

Cryptodomainers perform a dual function: they register en masse domain names that can be secured for and used by cryptocurrency applications and corporate entities yet to be formed, and they also spend a couple of hundred bucks on the latest BrickCoin, Crapium or Cripple tokens, without much of a second thought.

Example: “Dude, I heard Drew Rosener is investing in WahooCoin bro. He probably has inside information, he’s a Cryptodomainer! I’m going to buy at least 100,000 WahooCoins and hope it rises to the moon!”

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