Amanda Gorman: When you’re famous #domain SEO is not important

Amanda Gorman is a 23 year old National Youth Poet Laureate that delivered a passionate poem at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

According to Wikipedia, Amanda S. C. Gorman is a poet and activist and her work focuses on issues of oppression, feminism, race, and marginalization, as well as the African diaspora.

The Hill we climb is Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem, written to inspire hope at a moment when Americans are struggling with a deadly pandemic, political violence and partisan division.

One would expect to find Amanda Gorman online at the matching domain, but that’s not the case. No, the domain wasn’t grabbed by opportunists after her participation at the inauguration, and it’s neither parked or for sale.

Amanda Gorman – Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels

In fact, there’s another Amanda Gorman that’s an SEO expert, yoga studio owner and instructor, and nonprofit consult. By visiting one cannot confuse the two women, the poet and the SEO expert, that belong to different racial backgrounds.

Amanda Gorman, the poet, operates from, and her web site is the top result in Google when searching for “Amanda Gorman.” The domain was registered after the inauguration, most likely by Writers House, a literary agency.

It’s a bit ironic to see an SEO expert’s domain name not appear as the top result in Google, but when you’re as famous as the poet Amanda Gorman SEO is not really important.

You can visit Amanda Gorman here and here.

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