Apple Intelligence: Matching .com domain name up for sale

At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled Apple Intelligence, a new collection of AI features designed for the iPhone, Mac, and other devices.

Beginning later this year, users can expect a more conversational Siri, personalized AI-generated “Genmoji,” and GPT-4o integration, allowing Siri to leverage OpenAI’s chatbot for complex queries it can’t handle on its own.

It’s great news as Siri is as bad as Amazon Alexa these days. The announcement of Apple Intelligence is great news for the domain investor who registered the matching .com domain,, some time in 2023.

Depending on one’s definition of “luck,” the domain might be sold at the asking price of $500,000 dollars, unless Apple decides that the domain infringes on their brand. That price was changed later today to a “make offer” landing page on, from a price of $250,000 dollars. The $500k asking price is on Afternic.

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