adds to its brand

Atom, formerly known as Squadhelp, has announced AtomConnect, a new multi-layer network of tools that includes a domain distribution network. is clearly going after GoDaddy’s lunch with the latter, aiming to partner with “hundreds of companies, including registrars and startup service providers, to distribute domains and dramatically increase their exposure.”

There are lots of goodies under the AtomConnect hood, including AtomPay—a portable payment solution that can be set up “in minutes.”

The best part: Atom has acquired the domain from Mike Mann sometime in 2023, which can now be used a brand jump-board to its portal.

Prior to that, was used by an educational platform in India. In that sense, the domain, despite its drop, retains a positive and relatively relevant array of backlinks in Google.

If you want to find out why this acquisition and use of is great, read our editorial.

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