domain sold; #Coinbase rolls out new #ETH service

Crypto exchange Coinbase rolled out Base, an Ethereum L2 offering a “secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way for anyone, anywhere, to build decentralized apps.”

Announced today, aims at making onchain the next online and onboard more than 1 billion crypto users users into the cryptoeconomy. Base is not a token; will continue to  use Ethereum (ETH) as the native gas token.

Base on

Registered in 1996, the domain name was at some point advertised as not for sale, being in the control of a computer scientist guy who also operated to match his last name.

The original registrant of the domain name, Aveek Datta, displayed the following lander at in 2009:

By 2013, the domain was forwarding to

Mr. Aveek Datta is a graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in 1997, with a major in Computer Science. It comes as no surprise that he had the resources at the time to register such premium or otherwise valuable domain names.

A reverse WHOIS shows that Mr. Datta operated,, and at the time. It appears that was sold and now we have proof that was eventually sold as well. It’s currently with MarkMonitor as the registrar.

Moral of the story: Never say never regarding a domain’s availability to future buyers. It’s only a matter of numbers involved, as the acquisition of the domain name by Coinbase proves.

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