Charlie bit my finger : #Domains of meme that no-one heard about

“Charlie bit my finger” is a 2007 YouTube video that somehow amassed 883 million views. It shows a toddler’s finger being bitten by his baby brother. While the toddler’s in pain, the baby laughs—isn’t brotherly love great? 😀

To be honest, we never heard of this video, lost among a sea of other memes and videos that went viral through the years.

Still, that didn’t stop the NFT craze to send the video into a sale worth $760,000 dollars. It’s mind-boggling that a video’s digital certificate would sell for this amount, but welcome to the new reality of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The family of the two kids registered the domain in 2008 and the domain has been renewed every year since. It hosts the NFT auction and its results, making it the official web site.

Meanwhile, someone from Vietnam registered a month later, in February 2008.

Amazing that both domains were renewed for 13 years before one of them cashes out. Enjoy the video while it’s still up:

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