+ = Sold for 8 figures USD

Two major domain sales took place in recent days, involving domain names that are related to the dawn of modern AI.

Both and were sold to the same individual, entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah, who is the founder of Hubspot.

Tallied together, these two domains reach 8 figures USD, or a minimum of $10 million dollars.

First, was acquired with the help of an experienced duo of domain brokers. That sale cost 8 figures by itself, potentially as much as $20 million. The domain’s planned use is kept a secret for now, but it seems that Dharmesh Shah cannot contain his excitement in this video:

If you forward to around the 1:12:35 frame, the second domain that Dharmesh Shah acquired is revealed:

Dharmesh Shah mentioned that the domain cost 7 figures USD to acquire, noting that the deal has closed and the transition of the domain is ongoing. The domain was used by a company actively providing services related to teaching the process of writing essays. There is no information about the domain that it will transition to.

It seems that Dharmesh Shah is positioning himself as an entrepreneur with one of the most valuable domain portfolios in the world! 🙂

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