Chinese domain market : May 31st is doomsday for domainers in China

Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Chinese domain market report.

May 31st is “doomsday” in China, and domain investors in particular.

Major cloud providers, such as Alibaba, have provided a government-issued warning, that user verification must complete before then.

The process entails providing credentials to match domains with the real names of their owners.

Any domains that haven’t completed the verification process will face consequences, and will be placed in a “Client Hold” status:

  • Com and Net domains will be suspended by the Registrars
  • XYZ/Club/Vip/Shop/Wang/Ren domains will be suspended by the Registries

It looks that there’s a lot of work to be done.

We keep track of domain transactions in China, for short domains between 1 to 4 characters, focusing on .com, .net and .cn TLDs.

Recent increase in the volume of transactions dictates that we report on the market more often, as we did before the big market crash last year.

Today’s domain  list spans March 18th to March 19th:

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