Devil’s #domain: Why I renewed all my #Verisign .com domains until 2045

Verisign is increasing the price of .com again but that’s not the real news. The juice is that they are adding a new clause to the existing contract with ICANN that only eagle-eyed lawyers—along with Greek-Canadian domain investors—can spot.

What is the latest addition to the Verisign contract?

Let’s summarize page 66, paragraph 6:

If you don’t renew your .com domain, your very soul will belong to Satan upon your demise. The prince of darkness takes over your non-earthly matter, along with your .com. It’s now official, signed in blood.

“We had absolutely no trouble passing this clause through ICANN’s online Zoom board meeting,” said Verisign chief of legal, Mephis T. Opheles, Esq., eating a hard-boiled egg.

“In fact, the lovely ICANN board of directors thanked us for being so diligent in pursuing such a great addition to an otherwise boring contract,” added Mephis T. Opheles, Esq., smiling wide.

The best way to avoid being subjected to this contractual addendum is to not register new .com domains until the end of days. For existing customers, the maximum grandfathering expires on December 31, 2045, upon which your domains’ future depends on your genetic ability to fend off death.

If you can stretch it until then, you should be fine. Anything to keep your domains away from the devil.

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